The secret to selling more Cocoa Sticks

Cocoa tea is one of the most delicious of teas. Consumers are buying and will continue to buy the cocoa stick but, as a supplier, it is important that you garner as much of these customers as possible. People want things now and they want it fast. Therefore, there is no reason why your cocoa stick should be any bigger than the size of your index finger. Have you ever thought of a bubble gum? They are made this size for a reason. No one can chew on a load of gum at once. Similarly, consumers want to be able to drop one cocoa stick in a pot and not have to break or grate anything. Consider small shapes; probably attractive hearts, circles or cubes. Try grating it for them beforehand or converting it to a powder. You’d be surprised to find out the number of people who will be willing to pay for that!

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