Here’s why your Product Name should not be too Innovative

Often times we tend to overthink things especially when we are just starting off in business but the truth is, the simpler is always the better. I have already discussed a few pointers which you can use when naming your business here. However, the purpose of this blog is to inform you of the disadvantage of choosing a name for your product that’s too innovative. It’s wise to use words which are already in existence and can be easily recognizable to a wide group of people regardless of their location or language. This name should be the most visible on your label and any other name which is less popular should be listed in a smaller font beneath the main name.


AVOID names which are made up.

AVOID names which may only be understood by a certain group of people.

AVOID names which are written in another language.

The more innovative your business name, the better because it can be easily trademarked. On the contrary, the less innovative your product name, the better especially if the content is not visible through the packaging material or you’re dependent on online sales. It means that if someone were to search coconut oil, your product will pop up among thousands of others. This will not be possible if you had a unique name for your coconut oil.

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