Yes. You may advertise other products via banners to our visitors but a fee applies.

Contact us at 767-6152041 or email [email protected]

1500 by 150 for the top page and 300 by 250 or custom sizes for the shop/product pages.


Everything related to shipping and delivery is handled by the suppliers who use our platform to advertise their products.

We do not currently conduct transactions outside of Dominica. However, you may call a supplier directly to negotiate export and shipping outside of the supplier’s country.

You may contact the suppliers to negotiate a delivery date. You should be notified beforehand if any changes are made.

Absolutely. You may contact the supplier to arrange for pickup.

Yes and no. Some suppliers choose to deliver at no cost depending on your location. However, delivery fees may apply.


The suppliers are the ones who decide to sell wholesale or retail. This information will be provided along with the product description.

Yes. The contact information of the suppliers are listed next to each product.


Only suppliers in Dominica and St.Lucia can advertise their products via our platform currently.

Our business is 100% online. We are based in the Commonwealth of Dominica.


The prices are listed in EC dollars until further notice.

All prices are managed by our suppliers. We do not change the prices unless the supplier decides to.

We don’t accept direct payments for any products bought from our website since we have implemented the “Cash on Delivery” payment method. However, once you have been linked directly with the supplier, payment options and or plans may be subject to change.


You may visit the registration page from the menu and select “become a vendor” below the customer registration button.

Yes. These products are listed with a special “available on back order” notice. A back order is an order for a product which is not available now; temporarily out of stock but which will be available soon.

We promote value added, fresh produce, seedlings, plants, meat, livestock, fish, seafoods, eggs, poultry and other agro-related products.


No. We work alongside other suppliers to help them to sell.

We are committed to connecting the buyers and sellers directly.

Our suppliers are farmers, herbalists, agro-processors, fisherfolk and seedling propagators at present.

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