6 Questions Customers usually ask when buying Fresh Produce and Why

Is it Organic?

Many customers are becoming more health conscious especially as cancer and other diseases are on the rise.

Are you the Supplier?

While I may not know the exact reason why persons ask this question, I can almost guarantee it’s because of trust. Many persons buy from people they can trust and or relate to.

Is it Good?

Many times, fresh produce may look good on the exterior but may not be good inside. When customers ask this question, it’s usually to find out about the inside of the product, where they can’t see.

Is it Dry?

Some products like avocados and dasheen are preferred when ‘dry’ since the taste is usually better and it cooks better as well.

Is it Sweet?

There are some fruits which may look great on the outside but may be very sour due to forced maturity and other factors. In such cases, customers may need to taste before buying.

What’s the Price?

And, finally, that price. Well, customers usually want to know the price or see the price tag on products. I guess, it is for budgeting purposes! What do you think? Can you think of any other questions which customers ask?

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