15 Eggs a Dozen? But, Why?

As you may already know, 15 eggs is not the same as a dozen eggs. And, no. A dozen hasn’t been redefined. But, last week, an egg supplier did something which was quite remarkable. I saw that he had two different sets of packaged eggs; each for the same price. I wanted a dozen eggs of course so I thought that, as normal, I would be given my 12 eggs. I didn’t. Instead, I chose ’15 eggs for a dozen’. Well, I was presented with the choice. I could take 12 large eggs or 15 small eggs for my $6. Eggs do come in different shapes and sizes and since we don’t really weigh them, don’t you think suppliers should consider the size of the eggs when packaging them?

So, as a supplier, It’s wise to wear your customer’s shoes at times and think beforehand to avoid complaints and or unnecessary wastage. This particular gesture was quite interesting to me because I spoke about packaging products in an advantageous way in my book Pink Agriculture. He didn’t lose anything by adding the 3 extra eggs in the package. But, he did touch my soul as a customer such that I had to tell more people about it. And, that’s what you want in business; more people to know, more people to buy.

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